Tips for Starting 2023 with an Herbal Cleanse

For many of us, the holidays are a time of indulgence: more ultra-processed foods, sugary treats, and larger portions. There’s nothing wrong with letting go of strict dietary rules every once in a while, for balance is important to a healthy lifestyle. Now that it’s February and we’re well into the new year, you might be feeling ready to get back on track to your wellness goals.

If you need a little help getting back into the swing of things, you might consider an herbal cleanse.

The good news is – our bodies are in a constant state of detoxification. Our liver and kidneys work to remove excess waste and toxins from the body. These processes are supported by the foods we eat. For example, bitter foods like cabbage, broccoli and lemon juice promote the production of antioxidants. Water, parsley, and green tea can support the kidneys in flushing waste from the blood. High-fiber foods like lentils, apples, and chia seeds promote colon detoxification (source).

Some people believe that giving these body systems a break, by use of an herbal cleanse, helps with absorption of nutrients and boosts the body’s ability to naturally detoxify.

Some believed benefits to herbal cleansing include:

  1. Improved energy
  2. Temporary weight loss
  3. Relief from constipation
  4. Improved memory and focus
  5. A fresh start/readiness to take on a new, healthier lifestyle (source)

If you’re looking to try out an herbal cleanse, we hope you consider these tips:

1. Choose a product from a reputable brand.

Firstly, not all cleanses are created equal. These days, you’ll find detoxing products in every supermarket, drugstore, and gas station, so it’s important to choose something from a brand that practices safety and is backed by good intentions. At the Mustard Seed, we offer a selection of high quality cleanses from a handful of good, reputable companies.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

The Amazing Grass Green Superfood Detox & Digest offers 24 cleansing ingredients and 1 billion probiotics to alkalize the body and promote gut health. Just add a scoop to a glass of water each day- no other lifestyle changes are needed.

Irwin Naturals 2-in-1 Cleanse & Flush Weight Support features herbs Cascara Sagrada, lemon balm, and marshmallow root to gently stimulate the bowels and promote the removal of water weight.

Renew Life offers a variety of cleanses ranging from 3 to 30 days long to promote digestive regularly.

…just to name a few! Shop in store or follow this link to shop our highest-rated and most trusted cleansing products.

2. Do it safely.

It’s important to follow safety precautions when doing an herbal cleanse, so be sure to read the directions listed on the bottle of your cleanse. Most cleanses will emphasize the importance of staying hydrated for the duration of the program. Listen to your body and discontinue the program is something feels off.

3. Be realistic. 

It’s important to set realistic expectations when beginning an herbal cleanse. Don’t go into the experience expecting drastic weight loss or to come out of it a whole new person, instead remind yourself that these goals take time, and that these products are only meant to support you for a short period. It’s also important to choose a cleanse that is appropriate for your lifestyle. Shop our cleanses and pick a product that works in your day-to-day routine.

4. Implement healthy habits following your cleanse.

As mentioned before, cleansing and detoxing products are only meant to support you for a short period. Use them as a tool to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. When you’ve completed a cleanse, ease into an exercise program that works for you, eat a balanced diet, prioritize sleep, and practice mindfulness. These are all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

We hope you’ve found these tips for herbal cleansing helpful. Visit our online shop,, or visit us in store to shop!



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