Elderberry Benefits: Immunity & More!

Around this time every year, we notice an obvious increase in the amount of immune support products leaving the store. Many of our customers turn to using safer, more natural alternatives to fight the common cold, flu strains, and other seasonal viruses. Year after year, the most popular immune-boosting supplement remains elderberry.

Try it in a Syrup:

We offer elderberry in a variety of forms. The most popular is the syrup. In this form, the berries are simmered down, often with other immune supporting ingredients like echinacea and zinc, to form a concentrated syrup that can be taken frequently. Typically, the syrup contains a type of sweetener, like honey or stevia leaf. To shop a variety of elderberry syrups, click here.

Try Making it Yourself!

You might also be surprised to find out that it is actually very simple to make your own elderberry syrup at home. Buy a pound of dried elderberries by clicking here and make enough syrup to last your family up to several months! Here is a recipe for making the syrup from your own kitchen: link.

We also offer elderberry in the forms of gummies, softgels, and lozenges. Although most brands claim to be safe for children, we also offer formulas that are created specifically for kids and young adults. Choose from sugar-free syrups and even an organic option.

Immune Support:

Elderberries are incredibly nutrient rich. They are packed with vitamin C, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. According to Healthline, a study was performed on 60 influenza patients to test the effectiveness of elderberry. Those who took four servings of elderberry per day showed improved symptoms in as little as two days, while the control group took up to eight days. The berries have proven to be incredibly effective in treating viruses and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Other Medicinal Benefits:

Besides immune support, elderberry also has a number of other known benefits.

  1. It is believed to support heart health. Elderberry has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, uric acid, and high blood sugar.
  2. It may promote a healthy inflammation response. Because they are so rich in antioxidants, elderberries have been shown to reduce joint pain and soreness associated with inflammation.
  3. It can improve symptoms of urinary tract and bladder infections. Perhaps a less-common use of the berry is for treating issues like UTI’s and cystitis. According to Indigo Herbs, elderberry can bring significant relief from the unpleasant symptoms associated with bladder infections.
  4. It is known to aid in digestion. The berries are rich in dietary fiber, so they can eliminate constipation, reduce gas, and improve gut health.

While elderberry is most popularly known for supporting immune health, it has proven to be incredibly beneficial for a number of other health conditions, too.

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