Reliance: Our Private Label Vitamins

Our private label vitamins are some of our best sellers, both in store and online. When Scott, our owner, decided years ago that he wanted to bring in products with the store logo on it, he knew that whichever company he chose to represent the store had to share his high standards for quality and purity. After researching a number of companies, he ultimately decided to team up with Reliance Private Label Supplements.

Based in New Jersey, Reliance is passionate about helping customers around the world achieve optimal wellness through retailers like us. Before they make it to our shelves, their products undergo a series of testing to ensure purity and quality. Reliance is regulated by local, state, and federal agencies and their team follows an extensive system of manufacturing practices to ensure the purist products possible.

Before leaving the lab, each product goes through physical, analytical, and microbial testing. They are next sent off to be third-party tested by Health Canada to confirm the potencies of things like enzymes, trace minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids within the products. During third party testing, the products are also tested for the absence of harmful ingredients like heavy metals and GMO’s.

According to their website, Reliance promises that their customers can “rest assured that Reliance meets not only current FDA regulations, but also the strict guidelines of the Natural Products Association and other industry-specific organizations.”

One of our top-selling Reliance products is the whey protein powder. Our private label protein is a delicious and easy way to add an extra serving of protein into your diet. The protein is sourced from grass-fed cows milk and the result is a delicious and smooth protein powder than can be mixed into smoothies, baked into treats, or simply mixed with water. Shop Reliance protein powders here:

Reliance was also one the first private label company to introduce shelf-stable probiotics to the market. The 35 Billion Probiotic is a customer favorite. It is formulated with 8 complementary strains and supports gastrointestinal and immune health. Unlike certain probiotics available on the market, this one is guaranteed to survive stomach acid. Click here to shop the 35 Billion Probiotic:

Besides those two top-sellers, we offer over 400 other Reliance products. Shop everything from multivitamins, to sports nutrition products, to collagen, and so much more. Visit our website to view our full selection of Reliance products.

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