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Garden of Life Mykind Men’s 40+ Multi Gummies

$34.99 $27.99

120 vegan gummy drops


mykind Organics Men’s 40+ Multi Gummies Benefits:

  • With 800IU Vegan D3
  • Provides vitamin E & folate
  • Contains Organic Flowens® whole food cranberry

Made with only whole food ingredients, mykind Organics Men’s 40+ Multi Gummies have targeted ingredients to support the needs of men over 40 including vitamin E and folate, 800IU of Vegan D3 and Organic Flowens® whole food cranberry.

Quick Overview:

  • 9 Organic whole fruits in every bottle
  • No synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors or colorings
  • No candy ingredients or syrups
  • Great-tasting organic berry chew made with organic pectin


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