Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee With This Simple Recipe

Summer is officially in full swing and so is iced coffee season! Or, cold brew season. Over the last 5 years or so, cold brew has made a name for itself as the better choice of cold coffees – mostly because of taste and acidity. Standard iced coffee is made by brewing hot coffee then chilling it or by flash cooling it over ice. This drastic change in temperature is thought to be the reason for an increase in bitterness. Cold brew is made by brewing the coffee at a colder temperature but over a longer period of time. This slower, but consistent temperature, brewing method has proven to lend a smoother and stronger cup of iced coffee. When brewed for a long enough time or with a high ratio of coffee beans, it can effectively brew a coffee concentrate preventing dilution when served over ice.

Is there anything wrong with making and enjoying a standard cup of iced coffee? Certainly not. But for those with sensitive digestive systems or an ultra refined coffee palette, the cold brew method can be the better choice. What’s great, is that making a batch of cold brew coffee requires little to no effort or time; and there is a lot of flexibility in the recipe making it difficult to mess up. So grab your favorite coffee beans and let’s get started!

A quick note: this recipe is for making a 32 oz batch of cold brew. It can be made on a larger or smaller scale simply using a 1:4 coffee to water ratio! It’s best to use coarse ground coffee beans. I recommend buying whole bean and grinding right before you make it. You can use a coffee grinder or a food processor to get a course grind!

What you’ll need:


  1. In a clean 32 oz. mason jar, combine coffee grounds, coconut and cinnamon stick and add 4 cups of filtered room temperature water.
  2. Seal jar and shake well. Store in fridge to brew for 24 (less intense brew) to 48 (more intense brew) hours.
  3. Strain the coffee through a kitchen sack towel, or fine mesh strainer — this may need to be done twice.
  4. Serve over ice with desired add ins (cream, milk, sugar etc.) and enjoy!

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