Magnesium Supplements- Why You Should Take One

5 Reasons to Take a Magnesium Supplement

Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients in our bodies. It is responsible for everything from regulating digestion to supporting healthy blood pressure levels. Besides increasing your intake of magnesium-rich foods, you may also consider adding a magnesium supplement into your daily routine.

Some of the most common signs of a magnesium deficiency include:

  1. Muscle cramping
  2. Anxiety and depression
  3. Insomnia
  4. Restless leg syndrome
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Migraine headaches

If you experience any of these common ailments, then you may be apart of the 75-80% percent of Americans who are not reaching their recommended intake of magnesium. Check out a full list of magnesium deficiency signs available on!

5 Reasons to Take a Magnesium Supplement

  1. Can improve energy
  2. Relieves constipation & improves digestion
  3. Prevents migraines
  4. Helps prevent osteoporosis
  5. Helps with insomnia

Why Take Natural Vitality CALM

CALM is a great alternative to magnesium capsules or tablets because it doesn’t contain extra fillers or ingredients. It is made up of magnesium citrate, natural flavorings, and stevia leaf.

We offer a variety of flavors, including raspberry lemonade, orange, sweet lemon, watermelon, mixed berry, and an unflavored. We also offer condition-specific options, such as:

  • Calmful Gut: To support healthy digestion
  • Calmful Muscles: To help tired muscles relax and recover
  • Calmful Sleep: To support deep and restful sleep

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