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JayRobb Whey Protein

We’ve covered plant-based protein powders and why we love brands like Vega, Garden of Life, and Plant Fusion. For those who prefer to fuel up with whey protein, we are now offering JayRobb whey protein isolate on our website!

We have been carrying JayRobb for nearly 20 years and it has been a consistent best-seller in our store. The company is most-known for their whey proteins, but they also offer a unique egg white protein.

On JayRobb’s website, they break down the differences between the two:

  • – Whey Powder is a dairy-derived product created from filtering the protein fractions from liquid whey, then spray drying the liquid into a powder. 
  • – Egg White Protein is created by drying liquid egg whites into a powder. I usually suggest my Whey Protein unless a person is dairy sensitive, then I suggest my Egg White Protein. Both are excellent sources of protein with similar amino acid profiles.

The proteins are available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and unflavored. The formulas are extremely easy to mix and have a smooth, creamy consistency.

Mix the powder in milk or water, or try adding it to your diet in a different way:

  1. Add a scoop to your coffee
  2. Mix it into pancake batter
  3. Sprinkle it on your oatmeal
  4. Make protein energy bites
  5. Try a protein-rich mug brownie!

To shop JayRobb proteins, click the link below!

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