How Shopping Small Impacts a Community

The holiday season is officially over but the excitement for shopping small and/or local should be celebrated year round! As a small business ourselves, we are truly passionate about and understand firsthand the impacts of shopping small. Sure, to “shop small” means to shop at an independently owned small business and shop local means to shop somewhere near you. But of those things are and mean so much more than that. The impacts of shopping small and shopping local go further than you think. There’s a cascade of social, economical and environmental implications.

Shop Small For Your Local Community & Economy

First, let’s talk economical. When you shop at a small local business you are directly stimulating your local economy and community. How? Well most obviously, the money you spend at a local business goes towards the employment of people in your community. This means, food on the table in local homes! Next, both the owner of the business and the employees are likely spending money in other local stores, paying taxes to local schools and contributing to local organizations. Many corporations make charitable donations, but local businesses employ and sustain local economies and local families.

Speaking of employing local families: this means local connection. There is a higher likelihood of making friendly local connections at a small business! If you frequent a local place, that business wont forget when it comes to donating a gift card for your fundraiser, or sponsoring a little league team. It takes a village to create a thriving community! Additionally, a local business never takes it’s patrons for granted. You brighten the days of the entire ownership and staff when you choose to shop small or local.

Lastly, but certainly not least, important is the environmental impacts of supporting a small or local business! When you purchase something from a local shop instead of ordering it travels less distance and has less carbon miles. Unsure of what is available at a local store you’ve never been into? Give them a call! Sometimes you’d be surprised by what is in that small shop around the corner.

Our Thanks To You!

We pride ourselves in being a small business. Existing as a brick and mortar store to the North Country of New York and as a small online retailer to all of the United States. When you shop at the Mustard Seed  you can always expect to be greeted by smiles (under masks at the moment) and the willingness to help you. If you are shopping online, we invite you to call us with any questions about our product. We are so glad to help!

We are so grateful to be a small and local business and would not be where we are today without our supportive community. Stay safe, well & shop small!

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