Guide to Intentional Gifting 2020

Can you believe we are on the brink of Thanksgiving? In a year that has felt both fast but also like an eternity we have reached the holiday season. As a small business ourselves, we are obviously passionate about shopping small and supporting local businesses. But we are also passionate about living with intention and thus, gifting with intention. Giving gifts with intention behind them can mean few different things. It can mean giving someone an item you know they truly need. Perhaps you make something handmade. Or maybe it’s giving a gift that feels aligned with the values of the recipient.

But look, budgets are tight for many people this year, both domestically and globally. So we created a Guide to Intentional Gifting to share some of our favorite ways to gift with intention, no matter your budget size.  We also wanted to share some of our favorite shop products that would make for great intentional gifts. So pour some coffee, turn on some Christmas music and let’s get to it.

General Tips for Intentional Gifting:

  • Purchase from a small and/or local business. When you support a small business, you directly support families and indirectly support an entire community.
  • Try the 4 gift rule for children or spouses: Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.
  • Give gifts that are useful. Think about the impact an item can have on the recipient’s life. Will the item be used?
  • Consider the environmental footprint of the product.
  • Avoid gifting products outside of your budget or means. No loved one or friend will want you to spend more than you are able to!
  • Make something with materials you have!
  • Gift an experience! Bonus if it’s something you can do together with the recipient!
  • Pay it forward if you have the means to help someone who is struggling this year. Give a grocery or clothing gift card to someone in need.


Intentional Gifting From The Mustard Seed Online Store

As we’ve said previously, sometimes the best gifts aren’t brand new clothes or jewelry, but something that can truly be useful or beneficial. Gifting items that can positively support one’s physical or mental well being are a great intentional gift option. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  1. Essential Oils: Diffusing essential oils in the home or creating DIY cleaning products has become increasingly popular in recent years. Gifting a collection of essential oils along with some glass spray bottles or a diffuser can be a fun yet practical gift.
  2. CBD Oils: CBD products are used for a wide array of symptoms but not always budget friendly. A quality CBD product can be a thoughtful gift for someone who likes to regularly take CBD or has been curious about trying it.
  3. Whole Food Multivitamins: Can we start a new stocking stuffer tradition of gifting high quality multivitamins? Try Garden of Life or New Chapter!
  4. Clean Beauty Products: We carry a variety of clean beauty brands at the Mustard Seed. Mad Hippie is a community (and staff) favorite and makes for great intentional stocking stuffers! We also carry Cocokind and Probulin!
  5. Local or Small Batch Coffee – We carry the local to upstate NY St. Lawrence Valley Roasters coffee! No matter where you live you can try out a local cup of java!


DIY Gift Ideas

We’re diving into the DIY portion of the Guide to Intentional Gifting! PSA: There is absolutely nothing wrong with a handmade gift! In fact, sometimes a handmade gift can be more thoughtful than a fully purchased products. Some ideas for DIY gifting:

Essential Oil Room Sprays

Mix up different blends of essential oils with water and grain alcohol to create non toxic room sprays! Just grab 4 oz. glass spray bottles, add your ingredients and shake!

  • Spiced: 30 drops Clove + 30 drops Sweet Orange + 30 Drops Cinnamon + 1.5 ounces grain alcohol (like everclear) + 2 ounces distilled water
  • Calming: 30 drops Lavender + 20 drops Patchouli + 10 drops Sweet Orange + 1.5 ounces grain alcohol + 2 ounces distilled water
  • Festive: 30 drops Pine + 20 drops Juniper + 5 Drops Clove + 5 Drops Sweet Orange  + 5 drops Cinnamon + 1.5 Ounces grain alcohol + 2 ounces distilled water
  • Awakening: 30 drops peppermint + 30 drops Eucalyptus + 10 drops orange + 1.5 Ounces grain alcohol + 2 ounces distilled water
  • Clean: 30 drops Lemon + 30 drops Rosemary + 1.5 Ounces grain alcohol + 2 ounces distilled water

“Recipes in a Jar”

This one is a throwback to old neighbor gifting traditions. Did you ever receive one of those “cookies in a jar” layered recipe kits?  Reuse and upcycle an old sauce jar and create a combination recipe requiring just a few extra ingredients from the recipient! We’ve provided links to recipe ideas from other websites!

DIY Tea Blends

Try mixing up your own combination of dried herbs and spice in an upcycled jar and gift along side a mesh tea ball and a jar of honey!

  • Lavender + Chamomile + Holy Basil + Lemon Balm
  • Cinnamon + Orange Peel + Ginger Root
  • Eucalyptus + Yarrow + Mint + Echinacea
  • Hibiscus + Ginger + Mint


So there you have it, friends. Our Guide to Intentional Gifting in 2020 is complete but not with out one last sentiment. This year has been especially challenging for so many people around the world. Loss has happened on so many levels. Whether you can gift this year or not, I think it’s important that we all try our best to spread and share joy with those around us. If you’re able to, pay it forward. Buy a stranger some coffee. Volunteer at or donate to a food bank or shelter. Spend time with the loved ones you can see and reach out to the loved ones you can’t.

We are truly grateful to have remained open and able to serve both our local community in our brick and mortar store and our further reaching online community. We thank you so much for shopping small and supporting a local family owned business. The Mustard Seed family and staff wishes you a safe and happy holiday season.


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