Everything You Need to Know About COQ10

Coenzyme Q10, or COQ10, is a compound that our bodies use to generate energy on a cellular level. Our bodies produce it naturally, but like many essential nutrients, the production slows down as we age.

According to Healthline, certain health conditions have also been a proven cause of low COQ10 levels, like heart disease, diabetes, and brain disorders. COQ10 is found in some foods, including organ meats (heart, liver, kidney), spinach, cauliflower, and certain oils, but a high quality supplement can help keep your body producing the compound regularly.

Here’s what you need to know about the enzyme:

It’s stored in the mitochondria of your body’s cells. You may know that the mitochondria is responsible for energy production, but they are also in charge of protecting cells from free radicals and certain viruses and diseases.

According to Healthline, there are number of benefits to taking a COQ10 supplement, including:

  • It keeps your skin looking young!
    -When applied topically, COQ10 has been shown to protect the skin’s layers from harmful environmental elements, like UV rays and pollution.

  • It can reduce regular headaches
    -The compound has been found to reduce inflammation that occurs in the brain during migraines. So, it can be beneficial from those who suffer from regular headaches.

  • It may improve your performance in the gym
    -The compound has been found to reduce muscle fatigue and encourage muscles to contract efficiently and recover faster.

  • It’s good for brain health.
    -Since it protects cells from outside damage, it can enhance memory and cognition.

These are only a few of the many known benefits of COQ10. Many of our customers report higher energy levels when using this supplement. However, some people’s bodies have a more difficult time absorbing the compound than others.

This is why we recommend the Quality of Life COQ10-SR formula. According to their website, this product is patented with micro-active COQ10 and delivers 24 hour sustained release. It is designed to improve bio-availability and has been shown to have universal absorption, according to the company.

Quality of Life claims that their unique COQ10 formula doubles COQ10 levels in the body and is 3x better absorbed than other brands.

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