Essential Oil Blends for Fall

Essential oils have steadily grown in popularity over the last few years as diffusers become favored over candles. Walking into a space that smells like warm cider and donuts on a fall day is such a comforting experience, but the chemicals that enter the air from traditional candles or even soy wax melts can be concerning. Extended exposure to air contaminated with particles from burning candles may even cause long term health issues in the heart and lungs. This is why we love essential oil diffusers! There are endless scents and blends that can be made for diffusers, without the risk of breathing in potentially harmful chemicals from smoke and wax. In autumn, we have a few favorite essential oil blends that really make us feel at home, so we wanted to share them with you!

Our favorite fall essential oil blends:

Pumpkin Pie: 4 drops cinnamon, 1 drop clove, 1 drop nutmeg

Mulled Cider: 4 drops cinnamon, 1 drop clove, 1 drop nutmeg, 2 drops orange, 1 drop ginger

Woods Walk: 3 drops frankincense, 1 drop white fir, 1 drop cedarwood, 1 drop rosemary, 1 drop cypress

Spiced Chai: 3 drops cardamom, 2 drops cinnamon, 1 drop clove, 1 drop ginger, 1 drop nutmeg

Wellness Blend: 2 drops orange, 2 drops clove, 1 drop cinnamon, 1 drop eucalyptus, 1 drop rosemary

Holiday Cookie: 2 drops cinnamon, 2 drops vanilla, 2 drops orange, 2 drops nutmeg

Fall Wreath: 2 drops peppermint, 2 drops white fir, 1 drop eucalyptus, 1 drop tea tree, 2 drops rosemary

Autumn Spice: 3 drops ginger, 2 drops orange, 2 drops cinnamon

OR make your own blend with your favorite scents! Some great fall essential oils to start with include cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and orange. Oils to add to this base for fall include sandalwood, rosemary, orange, lemon, frankincense, fir needle, cypress, ginger, and eucalyptus!


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