Ear Candling

Ear candling is an alternative way of removing wax buildup from the ear canal. It is performed using hollow wax cones that are around 9 inches in length. The tapered end of the candle is placed in the ear, while the opposite end is carefully lit on fire. It is said that the warmth from the fire softens the earwax and draws out debris from inside of the ear as the candle burns.


If you plan on using ear candles, we suggest you have someone there to help you. Lay on your side with your head flat while a friend or family member holds the candle in your ear while it burns. To be extra careful, you may choose to cut a hole in a paper plate and put the tapered end of the candle through it, to catch any wax that may drip during the process. The process typically takes around 15 minutes per ear.


Interested in trying it yourself? We offer a number of options here at The Mustard Seed. Choose form beeswax or paraffin, scented or unscented candles. Shop ear candles from our private label or brands such as White Egret. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about ear candles and how to use them.

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