6 Top Fall Supplement Picks 2021

The fall/autumn season is a wonderful time full of beautiful colors and delicious smells. Its also filled with sneezing, headaches, and the flu. With cold and flu season already in full swing, here are our staff’s favorite supplements to take in the fall for general immunity and overall well being!

  1. Elderberry-

    Medicinally, elderberry has been traced back as far as Ancient Egypt. It originates as small dark berries found on elder sambucus trees in warmer climates throughout North America and Europe. However, it is formulated in many different forms like syrup, lozenges, or gummies. Elderberry has been shown to potentially boost the immune system through antioxidants. antiviral properties, and a high content of vitamins. Therefore, this is a supplement that we at the Mustard Seed take year round, but highly recommend taking in cold/flu season. Read more here or find our favorite elderberry supplements for fall on our website, in store, or listed below!

    1. Nature’s Way Sambucus Elderberry Gummies
    2. Life Seasons Immunity Elderberry Drink Mix
    3. Garden of Life Kids Elderberry & Sleep Immune Syrup
  2. Vitamin D3-

    As summer comes to an end, so does a lot of our sun exposure. This means that we are not absorbing as much Vitamin D from the sun rays, possibly leading to a vitamin D deficiency in the darker months. Having enough Vitamin D is important because it not only helps the body absorb other vitamins and minerals effectively, it also promotes bone growth and provides an immune system boost. Deficiency can be combated by using a ‘mood light’ that encourages vitamin D production in your body, or by taking a supplement. Find our favorite Vitamin D supplements for fall on our website, in store, or linked below!

    1. Now Vitamin D3 (2000iu)
    2. NutriGold Vitamin D3 2500 IU
    3. Garden of Life Kids Vitamin D3 Gummies
  3. Zinc-

    One of the most important things we can do for our body is support our immune systems. Many of the supplements that are recommended for immune system function are naturally found in the human body, but can be in a deficit. Zinc is one of these essential minerals and it is important to take this as a supplement if there is a deficiency. Zinc has been shown to play a fundamental role in the functioning of the immune system as it supports the skin barrier and helps regulate lymphocyte function. Additionally, it is thought that taking zinc may help shorten the healing process for both skin wounds and internal sickness. Find our favorite Zinc supplements for fall on our website, in store, or linked below!

    1. Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Zinc
    2. NutriGold Zinc
    3. Mustard Seed Zinc Lozenges
  4. Vitamin C-

    Vitamin C is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body, in turn increasing immune function and decreasing internal inflammation. Some studies have concluded that taking high dosages of vitamin C while sick may decrease the length and severity of colds and flus, or could potentially support antibiotic function. Though good year round, taking an extra dose of vitamin C during cold and flu season could help protect you from getting sick, or lessen the symptoms if you do get sick. In the case you do not want to take pills, there are endless ways to get vitamin C, including citrus fruits to supplements in the form of powder, capsules, gummies, or drinks. Find our favorite Vitamin C supplements for fall on our website, in store, or linked below!

    1. Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Vitamin C
    2. NutriGold Vitamin C
    3. Nature’s Way Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids
  5. Quercetin-

    Quercetin is not a very talked about supplement, but it is one of our favorites here at The Mustard Seed. This is because Quercetin is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body similar to Vitamin C. It also provides fairly powerful antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties while also supporting the movement of other important nutrients like zinc. Additionally, Quercetin is a favorite for seasonal allergies. Find our favorite Quercetin supplements for fall on our website, in store, or linked below!

    1. Now Quercetin with Bromelain
    2. Natural Factors Quercetin 500 mg
  6. Mushrooms-

    Many types of mushrooms can be taken as supplements and immune support. These medicinal mushrooms can be eaten, but are often taken as capsules or pills. Some exist in mushroom blends meant specifically for immune systems, or they may come individually in higher doses to focus on other benefits. The most popular immune supporting mushrooms are Reishi, Chaga, and Maitake, but other mushrooms like Shiitake, Cordyceps, or Lions Mane can also be taken to potentially boost immune function. To learn more about the benefits of mushrooms, click here or find our favorite mushroom supplements for fall in store, online, or linked below!

      1. Irwin Naturals Pure Defense Mushroom 8 Immune Support
      2. Host Defense Mycommune Capsules
      3. Now Rei-Shi Mushrooms

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