Benefits of Meal Prepping

What is Meal Prepping?

Have you been thinking about meal prepping but are intimidated or unsure that it is worth it? Let us put your mind at ease. Meal prepping is the act of making large meals and portioning them out to easily eat at a later date. This looks different for everyone based on what meals you want to prepare before hand between breakfast, lunch, and dinner and how many days of the week you want to have done. There are many advantages to meal prep but the most important are the convenience and efficiency.

4 Benefits of Meal Prepping:

  1. Saves time and money –  Meal prepping for the week ahead means only spending time to make food one or two days a week. This allows you more time during the week to spend with your friends and family or even just yourself! This also allows you to better plan out what food items you need at the grocery store. With a specific list, you will not buy random items you will not consume or are not good for you, saving you money.
  2. Less food waste – Only buying what you need to make your meals and what you know you will eat not only saves you money but helps produce less waste. Portioning out your meals means you know how much you need to make, so there are no left overs to throw out. Up to 40% of food produced in America is thrown out between the time of production and consumption. Most of this waste is edible food that expires because consumers purchase more than they can utilize. While you cannot simply ship your unwanted foods to places in need due to perishable items, cutting down unnecessary consumption and waste will allow for resources to be better allocated to those in need.
  3. Lowers stress levels – Are you always asking yourself what you are going to eat for dinner or stressing about having enough time to make your meals? Preparing food ahead of time will save the stress of making dinner after a long day at work, or rushing to eat quickly when you have somewhere to go. This will also cut back on the temptation to order delivery or take out food if you are feeling overwhelmed or tired. There is already food made, a great justification to save money and time and eat at home!
  4. Portion control – Meal prepping is a great tool to use during weight loss or nutritional programs. Your meals are already portioned out ahead of time, making it easier to avoid the temptation of eating too much or eating foods that you should not be eating.

2 Bonus Benefits of Fit Food Catering:

  1. Adds the freedom of choice in meals to the traditional meal prep system. Because we meal prep for a large quantity of households, we have the luxury of making a lot of different meals and splitting them between the customers. With over 20 meals including vegan and keto options, you will never get tired of meal prepping.
  2. Saves you time and energy by outsourcing the actual meal prepping to us. With traditional meal prepping, you would dedicate one or two nights or days a week to making food but this way you only spend time picking up your meals. The fit food catering is picked up in-store at the Mustard Seed, so it can easily be done as you are grocery shopping for your other necessities!

For questions about our Fit Food Catering program please visit the Fit Food website at or ask for Ryan or Diona in store for more information!


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